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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jesus is Floored

       Today's Extractionist is Jay Wells. He has been Recognizing Resemblances in patterns since he was a child and one of his Extractions has finally made the news, specifically, the Chronicle Hearald.
“Where I go for a massage, I see Santa Claus and Abraham Lincoln in the carpet. Most recently, I was getting my eyes checked and I could see one of my miniature dachshunds in the carpet. It’s just a thing that I’ve done forever.
       “Since I was a kid, I would look at the wall and see monsters in the knots in my grandmother’s cottage.”
       This time, he has found the face of Jesus, in a most appropriate place, because as a carpenter, it’s only natural that Jesus has chosen to return to Earth in a pine floorboard of Jay Wells Salon in Halifax.
The Resemblance was covered by the bed where women lay while getting waxed until Wells went into the room to rearrange the furniture.
       “I had a staff member leave and so I came into this room thinking, hmm, what am I going to do now, and I sat on the end of this bed and I was, ‘Oh my God, it’s Jesus!’” Wells said Friday.
“People say he looks kind of surprised, and I say ‘Well, he has witnessed a lot of Brazilians, he’s not your typical Jesus.’”
       Wells says everyone he shows the floor to immediately agrees it looks like Jesus, the Herald reports.

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Jay Wells

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