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Monday, April 15, 2013

Orange You A Virgin?

     FARMINGTON, ME -- Desmond Duguay dotes Dots! So back in February, Desmond and his wife, Amy, went to Rite Aid in Auburn for snacks - one of which was a box of Dots.  Duguay said he ate a few of the gummy candies, felt the funny piece in his hand and showed it to his wife. On a whim, they nicknamed it “The Holy Dot” and listed it on eBay.

From eBay : "So I was eating a box of DOTS today and I found none other than the Virgin Mary herself just chillin' with her other DOT disciples. Just last week my wife and I had our first child and I am convinced that a higher power has stepped in and literally dumped a second miracle in our lap in the form of this Gummy Virgin Mary. A miracle that will no doubt equate to millions of dollars and our child's college tuition bought and paid for. I know that this Gummy Virgin Mary is near priceless and that if I held onto it, it would only appreciate in value. Having just had my beautiful son though I need to be thinking about his future and must let this miracle gummy go and put all proceeds into my son's college fund. This is a 100% authentic Gummy Virgin Mary, that may or may not have mystical and spiritual powers. All I can say is that since I have had this gummy in my possession I have not contracted any viruses, sexually transmitted diseases, or illnesses that I know of and I feel amazing.. Is this due to the Gummy Virgin Mary? I think so."

     As Replica Report readers know, a Resemblance is even more valuable if it was made unintentionally or inadvertently.  We believe it is authentic but many websites are claiming that the gummy candy was made intentionally and are crying foul.

     In a post titled, “A virgin dot? We think not!”, skeptically compared the Duguay’s photo to a small Virgin Mary candy mold sold on eBay by A World of Moulds in the United Kingdom.

     From that website:

    “Now there is no way to know for sure what the real story is behind this piece of piousness. However, we can all agree that as long as there are people like the Duguays and a candy like Dots, America will always be the undisputed leader in delicious delusional devotions.”

  The write-up was good for a laugh, but it wasn’t so, Duguay said.  He claims his is no doctored Dot.   “I bought the box unopened,” he said. “I have no idea if or how it could have been placed there . . . We did not modify the Dot one bit.”   His best guess: It’s a defect that quality control missed.
After two initial days of furious activity that saw 42 bids, the auction had stalled by Monday at $215, with three days left to go.  Finally, on March 8th it sold for $305.

Here's Desmond's Facebook Page :

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