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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shroud of Turin, Meet Cloth of Saugus

      SAUGUS, Mass. -- Brian Krantz is the latest Extractionist to be covered by news agencies all over the nation because of a Replica he Recognized and Extracted!

      Krantz used the drop cloth four years ago to spray paint his shutters; he used it 50 or 60 more times before he noticed something for the first time.   “I had it folded up like this and I threw it on the floor and this is what I saw first,” Krantz said as he held up the cloth.

     “My heart went a hundred million miles an hour. I couldn't breath, I felt like I was hyperventilating” said Brian Krantz.

     From a distance, it's a paint splattered drop cloth. But take a closer look… “A crown or a halo. Two eyes. Looks like a mustache, nose, there’s the chin, jaw line.” said Krantz.  He goes on to Extract an extended right arm with, and here's where it gets good, the Shroud hanging from the arm, a background, doorway and tomb.  So the Cloth of Saugus depicts the Shroud of Turin!

     The fact that this drop cloth has so many Resemblances that complete a whole scene along with it's creation having been inadvertent or unintentional makes this a special Replica.

     To Brian Krantz, the image is perfectly clear.  “I can't deny this. This is what it is. It looks like Jesus Christ,” Krantz said. (We here at the Replica Report tend to think it looks a Costa Rican villager with a hat)

     Like any good Extractionist, Krantz said he plans to frame the image and keep it in his home.

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