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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Concorde Takes Flight Again

On this day that we look to the skies for a solar eclipse, The Replica Report looks up - at the clouds!  Extractionist Roy Peckham of Pontypridd, South Wales is the reason why this time as he has photographed a wonderful Replica.

 The Concorde was the first turbojet-powered airliner and was considered a marvel of engineering before it was retired in 2003, so, how could it be taking flight again in 2013?  Well it wasn't, it was the ghost of Concorde - a cloud that formed over the countryside in the shape of the grounded passenger jet.

Mr. Peckham, 66, spotted the plane-shaped cloud as it moved through the evening sky and said the cloud was coming from the direction of the Brecon Beacons.

He said: 'I saw the cloud and as it approached it became more and more defined.
'It looked like Concorde was flying across the countryside and about to land in Pontypridd.'

This story was first published by Sara Smyth on 5 May 2013.


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